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What is a Cover Letter

A cover letter is your chance to stand out above and beyond your resume. While a cover letter is not required for all positions, it’s almost always a great way to boost your professional profile. Include this letter when the job posting mentions it or when you believe doing so could increase your favor with the employer. One of the main purposes of a cover letter is to give yourself a voice and a chance to sell yourself. It’s typically a page document that you will tailor to each job you apply for and include it with every application. It allows you to share important information with the employer that they can’t get from your resume alone. This is your chance to show how strong your communication skills are and how well you write. What to Include Use your letter to highlight your skills, achievements, and experience. While it might not be your typical style [...]

What is a Cover Letter2022-11-07T12:35:05-06:00

What Do Professional Resume Writers Charge?

You are here because you are wondering how much professional resume writers charge. You don't want to go with the cheapest option, but you're having a hard time justifying spending thousands of dollars. So, how much is 'reasonable' to spend on resume writing services? The cost will vary based on the level of one-on-one attention you receive, the writer’s experience, and the quality of work. This cost also depends on where you are in your career. You may also have the option to purchase different types of packages. You can choose from just a resume or add a cover letter, a LinkedIn profile update, career coaching, and more. What Professional Resume Writers Charge is affordable, not cheap. Whatever you do, don’t fall for those cheap options where you plug in your information, and the automated website spits out your resume. Many people fall for those, and unfortunately, it makes the applicants appear similar, uses lackluster [...]

What Do Professional Resume Writers Charge?2022-11-07T12:13:57-06:00

Looking for a Local Resume Writer?

Look no further! Work with a local resume writer at Heartland Resumes. We serve Omaha, Lincoln, Des Moines, and surrounding cities. Our writers are familiar with the current and local job market and trends, and we will work to ensure your resume lands you the interview you are seeking! At Heartland Resumes, all of our writers are CPRW certified. This means that our writers are all qualified experts in the resume writing business. The CPRW is the standard certification for resume writers and ensures quality! Work with a local resume writer! Our resume writers in Omaha will work closely with you to ensure that your resume reflects your unique skills, experience, education,  work history, and more! We will select a format based on your unique work history. Don't fall for those big generic template websites; use local writers who have a passion for helping people improve their careers! The process of working with a local [...]

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Get an Effective Resume

Everyone knows that an effective resume is necessary to land an interview, but many people don't know where to start to get one. Unless you’re a writer by trade, you may not feel confident in your writing skills, and even if you are, you may be working with outdated resume guidelines. So, where can you turn when you need to get a resume done? Looking to get an effective resume? You have a few options. Local Career Centers - Some local Career Centers on college campuses can assist students or other career seekers. They often have programs that help identify and work toward career goals, find careers, get referrals, boost networking skills, and assist with resume creation. While this can be an excellent resource to use during your career search, it still leaves the resume writing up to you. Online Templates - Some websites provide resume writing templates, but once again, that leaves the writing up [...]

Get an Effective Resume2022-10-04T08:38:37-06:00

What is an Interview Coach?

What is an Interview Coach? An Interview Coach is an excellent resource to help you prepare for the interview process. Many job seekers feel overwhelmed, nervous, and even scared of the interview process, especially if they haven't ever interviewed before or haven't interviewed in a while. An Interview Coach is appraised of all the latest interview trends and knows all of the most popular interview questions. A professional interview coach will help you prepare, teach, and even practice interviewing. Here are some of the ways an Interview Coach can help you: Build Confidence- Confidence is often key during an interview process, and it's something most people can't fake. If you enter the interview unprepared and unsure of what the process might be like, then you will likely be nervous, uncomfortable, and timid. Working with Heartland Resumes will help you be prepared, comfortable, and confident when you go into the interview. Practice Negotiation- Here's a benefit [...]

What is an Interview Coach?2022-09-15T11:37:46-06:00

What are the Most Popular Resume Formats?

What are the Most Popular Resume Formats? Choosing the best resume format for your unique career journey can be tricky. You can choose several formats, but the most popular resume formats are chronological, functional, or a combination of the two. The Chronological Resume This is the format that most people use (for better or worse). This format uses a timeline approach to show previous positions and experience from current to oldest. This format works well for applicants with a solid work history and relevant experience with titles. This approach will come across well when an applicant has "climbed the ladder" and received promotions over time. Since this is the most popular format, recruiters may find this resume easy to scan and digest quickly. The Functional Resume This resume is used less frequently but can be more impactful in some situations. A functional resume focuses on your accomplishments and skills rather than titles. This can benefit [...]

What are the Most Popular Resume Formats?2022-08-08T12:45:39-06:00

Is it Worth Paying Someone to Write Your Resume?

Whether you’re updating your old resume or creating one for the first time, knowing where to begin, what format to use, and what to include can be stressful. Many job seekers turn to paying someone to write your resume, like Heartland resumes, to ensure they are effective and impactful. Many resume writing services, such as Heartland Resumes, guarantee you will land interviews. As you continue researching the value of hiring a resume writer, you will find that hiring a writer is well worth the investment. Yes, there's an initial cost, but the long-term benefits of landing a better position with the potential for additional monetary gain will more than compensate for the initial cost. Paying Someone to Write Your Resume A resume writer will help you land interviews for positions that may be overlooked. A certified, professional resume writer will take the time to produce a quality, well-rounded, and meaningful resume that will help you [...]

Is it Worth Paying Someone to Write Your Resume?2022-08-08T14:55:31-06:00

Are Resumes Professionally Written?

Is your Resume Professionally Written? A certified professional resume writer can greatly improve your resume. A resume that is well-written by a professional will get you more interviews! A resume professionally written by a certified resume writer offers many great benefits, such as the following: Expertly Written – Professional resume writers are skilled, trained, and certified in writing resumes. They know how to showcase your unique experience, passions, interests, education, background, and more. They are familiar with your industry and are able to use keyword-rich messaging to catch future employers’ attention. Written to Pass– Professional resume writers know how to get your resume past screening software. Recruiters often use software that organizes all the resumes received and prioritizes candidates based on wording and formatting. Our writers will tailor your resume to the position in order to help your resume get into a recruiter's or hiring manager’s hands. Unfortunately, your resume will not be seen if [...]

Are Resumes Professionally Written?2022-08-08T13:14:15-06:00

4 Strategies to Enjoy Work More

4 Strategies to Enjoy Work More There comes a time in most people’s careers when they begin feeling a little unsatisfied. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut feeling the monotony of day-to-day tasks. Here are a few strategies to enjoy your work more. Enjoy work more by Making Friends at Work Many times, the people you work with make all of the difference. Find coworkers who uplift you, support you, and motivate you. Try to find other workers who share your same morals, values, and interests. It really helps to have a coworker with whom you can chat during break or even go to happy hour after work. Being able to take short breaks from your day-to-day tasks to laugh or blow off steam will often make a world of difference. Take More Breaks and Enjoy work more Don’t take long breaks, but take more breaks. If you typically get an hour-long break during [...]

4 Strategies to Enjoy Work More2022-08-08T13:15:38-06:00

Why Interview Coaching is Worth It

Interviews are one of the many skills that you improve on with practice. Like anything, hiring someone to do interview coaching will help you improve your skills. This will give you a better chance of landing the job you want. A career coach will work closely with you to practice mock interviews and provide real-time feedback. Your interview coach will help you with all of the necessary skills like small talk, body language, confidence, and more. An Interview Coach will help you with: Phone Screening -  Generally, this is the first step in the interview process. The phone screen will get your foot in the door for the in-person interview. This is the hiring manager or recruiter's way of weeding out unqualified candidates. Our interview coaches will help you ace the phone screening and help you get to the next step. Your Pitch - An interview coach will help you develop a succinct and impactful [...]

Why Interview Coaching is Worth It2022-08-08T13:22:25-06:00
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