100% Guaranteed Results

We love what we do, so we give 100% guaranteed results. We’re honored with the opportunity to apply our proven system to our respected clients. We enjoy seeing each one schedule interviews and land the jobs they deserve. We’re proud to say the process has worked hundreds of times. It’s impossible not to love what we do!

How our work is 100% guaranteed

If you’re not happy with the interviews, quantity, or quality you’re getting 12 weeks after hiring us, we will review your resume and the keyword strategy free of charge. You invested in us. We want to make sure it pays off for you!

We love our clients, and we’re very proud of them! When you become a Heartland Resumes client, you’re a Heartland Resumes client for life! Come back anytime to inquire about updating your resume for career changes and adjustments.

For any questions you might have regarding our policy or anything else, give us a call at (402) 215-8238 or email us at info@heartlandresumes.com.