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You should consider interview coaching now that your resume and LinkedIn profile have been updated. Your professional resume opened the door to your dream job, but are you prepared to nail the interview? Heartland Resumes offers coaching to set you apart.Take your job seach gane to the next level with interview coaching from Heartland Resumes, Omaha.

At Heartland Resumes, our focus is on all phases of the job search process. We consider interview coaching to be a huge part of that process. Our team of coaches will teach you how to answer tough questions, such as the always popular and not fun to answer, “Tell me about yourself.” Heartland Resumes coaches help you understand your personal brand and how to market yourself to potential employers. Expressing your brand is an integral part of the interview process. So, whether you consider yourself a newbie or a seasoned interviewer, we firmly believe our process will strengthen your effectiveness and land you the job.

The best players have coaches.

No matter how good you think you are, you can always use more help. Did you know the best athletes in the world have coaches? You may be good at what you do, but- if your resume doesn’t stand out and if you get an opportunity to interview for the job ‘you’ve always wanted’, and you are NOT prepared- you may not get the job you’re perfectly suited for. Do not take chances with your chances.

Contact us to get started today. Our coaches are here to prepare you for what could be the interview of a lifetime or the interview that is the stepping stone to your next level.

And when you’re ready to take your interview game to the next level, reach out to our Interview Coaching Team to get you on the team you dream about! Fill out the Get Started form, and we will be in touch!