A cover letter is your chance to stand out above and beyond your resume. While a cover letter is not required for all positions, it’s almost always a great way to boost your professional profile. Include this letter when the job posting mentions it or when you believe doing so could increase your favor with the employer.What is a Cover Letter and who can write it.

One of the main purposes of a cover letter is to give yourself a voice and a chance to sell yourself. It’s typically a page document that you will tailor to each job you apply for and include it with every application. It allows you to share important information with the employer that they can’t get from your resume alone. This is your chance to show how strong your communication skills are and how well you write.

What to Include

Use your letter to highlight your skills, achievements, and experience. While it might not be your typical style to toot your own horn, this is one time you can do that without coming across as boastful. Talk about some of the key highlights of your career; when did you make a big impact, or when did you excel in a previous position? How can you apply that experience and history to the role to which you are applying?

The cover letter also allows you to share your excitement and knowledge about the position. Choose your words wisely, so your personality is reflected with positive and enthusiastic undertones. This will make you appear likable and more dedicated than your competition.

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