References Dossier

References Dossier is a valuable tool to use during your interviewing process. Employers will ask to see a list of references towards the hiring process’s end in many cases. Hiring managers often use a candidates reference list to narrow down the final 2-3 candidates for the position.

Many people don’t have a solid list of references. They are either scared to ask someone or because they haven’t done a sufficient job of seeking out advocates. Before you begin looking for a job, think of any people who have witnessed your work ethic, who would be able to say good things about your work quality. Try to pick people from different organizations—not all coming from the same place, and not all at the same levels. For example, one reference might be a supervisor at your old job; another may be a teammate from a sport’s team; another person might be a mentor you had from an extracurricular organization. Co-workers, managers, teachers, professors, coaches, advisers, and guidance counselors are suitable references. Three is usually the standard number of references.

Once you have chosen your professional references, be sure to ask permission before using them as a reference. You do not want them to feel or appear blindsided if they receive a call about you. This is polite, and it gives them time to think about their responses if they should receive a call about you. It’s also polite to offer to return the favor for them in the future.

After receiving the call and speaking to your potential employer, please send them a thank you note. It’s also essential to stay in touch with your references so that you can continue to call on them in the future and keep that relationship amicable.

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