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What to Include in Your Resume

Writing your resume can be tricky, particularly if you've had a long career or achieved a lot in each of your positions. Many people find it hard to know what to include in their resumes. Including all your history could result in a long and drawn-out resume. It takes only seconds for hiring managers to view a resume, and if yours is too robust, it will probably be added to the no pile. Your resume should be no more than two pages. So how do you pair down all your experience? Here are a few things we've used when writing resumes for our clients. First, we research job postings focusing on positions similar to what that client is targeting and looking for the commonalities. Various companies look for other things, but there are always common themes across all job postings. Once identified, our resume writers get to work on creating a resume to show off [...]

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How Far Back Should a Resume Go?

One of the top questions our professional resume writers get from job seekers is, "how far back should a resume go?" Maybe you spent years building your career, and you have a lot of experience you want to have on your resume. Just because you have decades of experience doesn't mean you need to list every position you've had. Your resume should be a carefully crafted document tailored to the specific job you are looking for. That means you should only include your qualifications, skills, and experience to help you land that position. It's not necessary to have an extensive list of your professional life. How far back should your resume go? Your resume should go back only 10 to 15 years in terms of work experience. This keeps your resume extremely relevant for recruiters and employers. Your resume's experience section should always pass the "5-second resume test" regarding relevance. Let's pretend you are the [...]

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Choosing the Right Job for You

Choosing the right job means so much more than obtaining a paycheck. Here are some top tips on choosing the right job for you. Compensation is more than the base salary The base salary is precisely how it sounds, the very base. On top of that, there is total compensation and benefits. Make sure to think about these all together. You may need to consider what your taxes will be if you’re working out of state. Calculate the total time and gas spent commuting. Is there a 401k match? Are you eligible for bonuses or commission? Is there capacity for career advancement opportunities; do you have a chance to receive more considerable compensation in the future? Is the work-life balance fitting for your lifestyle? How many hours of paid-time-off will you be eligible for? Does the company offer tuition reimbursement for continued education? Company culture is important Reading employer reviews will provide you valuable insight into the [...]

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How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Career

Are You Using LinkedIn to grow your career? Are you using all that LinkedIn has to offer? LinkedIn is more than just another social networking website. It’s not just for career seekers. LinkedIn can help you grow your career in numerous ways. You can use it to meet like-minded people in your industry, attract recruiters, find potential business partners, connect with former co-workers, locate a mentor, establish your personal brand, gain notoriety, and so much more.  If you’re not using LinkedIn to grow your career, you miss out on some great opportunities! Here are some features you can start using now to help you in your career! LinkedIn Groups You can join an existing group or create a brand new one! Using groups is a great way to connect with other like-minded professionals. You can share tips, tricks of the trade, develop a name for yourself, and so much more. This is a great way [...]

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End Long-Term Unemployment

Long-term unemployment can potentially wreck a person's sense of self-worth and happiness. Unfortunately, some recruiters and employers discredit job seekers who have been out of work for a while, assuming something must be wrong and viewed as undesirable.  Here are some tools to end long-term unemployment. Stay Up To Date With Your Industry. You need to prove to potential employers that you're still working even though you're not employed. Staying up to date with new trends in your field will show you are as qualified as someone who is currently employed. Take an online course, enroll in school, or volunteer. Be sure to use the additional education to your advantage during your interview to explain your long term unemployment gaps.  Be Open To Change If you're waiting for your dream job and it's been more than six months, it's time to change tactics and consider positions you would not have before. Be willing to look [...]

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How To Turn Down A Job Offer

You have spent countless hours searching for a job, messaging recruiters, preparing for interviews, and finally, it happened! You were offered a job! But it's not your dream job, and you are not sure if you want to take it. What can you do? Below are some helpful tips to turn down a job offer.  Is calling, emailing, or sending a letter the best way to turn down a job offer? The easiest way to refuse a job is by email. It's convenient and straightforward, but it's not the most professional. The best way to handle turning down a job is with a phone call. However, if you cannot reach the hiring manager or recruiter, a letter is a way to go.  Timing is key After reviewing the job offer, you realize that the position is not for you, or maybe you received a better offer from another company. It's always better to reach out [...]

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3 Reasons You Should Hire Resume Writing Experts

Have you ever tried to do something on your own and then had to hire a professional? By enlisting an expert from the beginning, you save yourself time and energy and be much happier with the results. If you hire us at Heartland Resumes, we are confident in the results that we guarantee your satisfaction. Job searching is stressful and time-consuming. Spending hours every day searching for a job is not ideal. That is only the beginning of the process. Have you ever thought about the time it takes to prepare for job hunting? Getting the outfit just right to researching and attending networking events and practicing interview questions takes away valuable time that could be used for anything else. By hiring a professional to do all the heavy lifting, you will spend time doing what you want and getting a complete and effective professional profile.  A professional resume writer is certified and up-to-date on the [...]

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Searching For A Job During COVID-19

Do you want a new job but worried about changing paths during a pandemic? Your perfect career is out there, even during these uncertain times. Below are some fundamental steps you can take to get started. These steps will help you weed out all the noise and get you to your career faster. Search for jobs that suit you The first step is to identify your skills, knowledge, and experience. Write out all the things you're good at and support them with examples from your past employment. Once you've completed the list, look online, and search for job listings. Job board platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor allow you to search using keywords to find a job that matches your skillset. Fine-tune your resume Once you've found an ideal match, the next step is to refresh your resume. Add your most recent job experience and reference your critical responsibilities within that position to bring value to [...]

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Does Your Resume Represent You?

A first impression is everything when searching for a job. Does your resume represent who you are to employers? A professional resume should reflect your experience, areas of expertise, education, ambition, and purpose.  No matter what type of position you are applying for, entry-level, executive, or anywhere in between, your resume needs to stand out from the crowd. Our certified resume writers will create a resume that accurately represents you and everything you have to offer.  Your resume is your very own marketing tool. It allows potential employers and recruiters to get to know you and feel who you are. Trying to summarize all your years of experience and accomplishments in a couple of pages can be difficult; however, it's an essential part of getting hired for your dream job. On the other hand, if you are newly out of college and have limited professional experience, your resume should focus on what you can do [...]

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5 Ways To Create A More Positive Work Environment

Work takes up the majority of our daily lives causing more challenges and stress. Some companies have taken notice and increased company morale by offering more perks. But not every business is equal, so how can we create a positive work environment for ourselves? The attitude we take to work plays a significant role for the people around you in the workplace. The suggestions below can help improve overall workplace behavior by influencing others to make positive changes from modeling the behavior we want to see. Here are 5 Ways to Create A More Positive Work Environment Give lots of encouragement I truly appreciate the way you… I'm so impressed with… You're really great at… Show appreciation Thanking a colleague for something they did is a great way to boost people's moods. Be specific why you are thanking them, and be sure to copy their boss as well.  Spread kindness Smiling and say "Hello" to [...]

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