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Searching For A Job During COVID-19

Do you want a new job but worried about changing paths during a pandemic? Your perfect career is out there, even during these uncertain times. Below are some fundamental steps you can take to get started. These steps will help you weed out all the noise and get you to your career faster. Search for jobs that suit you The first step is to identify your skills, knowledge, and experience. Write out all the things you're good at and support them with examples from your past employment. Once you've completed the list, look online, and search for job listings. Job board platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor allow you to search using keywords to find a job that matches your skillset. Fine-tune your resume Once you've found an ideal match, the next step is to refresh your resume. Add your most recent job experience and reference your critical responsibilities within that position to bring value to [...]

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Does Your Resume Represent You?

A first impression is everything when searching for a job. Does your resume represent who you are to employers? A professional resume should reflect your experience, areas of expertise, education, ambition, and purpose.  No matter what type of position you are applying for, entry-level, executive, or anywhere in between, your resume needs to stand out from the crowd. Our certified resume writers will create a resume that accurately represents you and everything you have to offer.  Your resume is your very own marketing tool. It allows potential employers and recruiters to get to know you and feel who you are. Trying to summarize all your years of experience and accomplishments in a couple of pages can be difficult; however, it's an essential part of getting hired for your dream job. On the other hand, if you are newly out of college and have limited professional experience, your resume should focus on what you can do [...]

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5 Ways To Create A More Positive Work Environment

Work takes up the majority of our daily lives causing more challenges and stress. Some companies have taken notice and increased company morale by offering more perks. But not every business is equal, so how can we create a positive work environment for ourselves? The attitude we take to work plays a significant role for the people around you in the workplace. The suggestions below can help improve overall workplace behavior by influencing others to make positive changes from modeling the behavior we want to see. Here are 5 Ways to Create A More Positive Work Environment Give lots of encouragement I truly appreciate the way you… I'm so impressed with… You're really great at… Show appreciation Thanking a colleague for something they did is a great way to boost people's moods. Be specific why you are thanking them, and be sure to copy their boss as well.  Spread kindness Smiling and say "Hello" to [...]

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What Should I Include In A Resignation Letter?

Are you ready to move on to a new chapter in your life? Whether it’s climbing the career ladder or taking time away from work, you should write a professional resignation letter. It’s always best to inform your employer that you’re resigning, ensuring you leave positively and professionally. Writing down your reasons for why you are leaving can be stressful. If you’re struggling on what to write, don’t stress, we are here to help guide you on how to write a professional resignation letter. Stay professional  Even if your current company is exceptionally informal and you’re on excellent terms with your boss, your resignation letter should be acknowledged. Use professional language and a formal tone when writing your resignation letter. Keep it short and sweet  A resignation letter is not the place for in-depth explanations as to why you’re leaving the role. If you want to provide your supervisor or employer with a reason, do [...]

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Career Advice We Wish We’d Had Sooner

Have you ever thought about being able to tell your younger professional-self career advice? Many of us have. We can’t go back in time, but you can pay it forward. Hindsight is 20/20, and some of the best insights come from past experiences. Here is some advice from well-established professionals on what they didn’t know then and what they’d pass on to their younger selves now. Love What You Do You will be more successful if you like what you do. Your passion will show through your work, and you will inevitably be more engaged in your career. Start Saving Your Pay Immediately When you start your career, Saving consistently will offer you more financial freedom in the future.  Never Work For Horrible Bosses Life is way too short to tolerate terrible bosses. If you find yourself working for one, unless you are starving or desperate, start looking for a new job. Immediately. Recognize That [...]

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Best Way to Answer The Most Common Interview Questions

One of the most common interview questions is, “Tell me about yourself.” Open-ended questions like this frequently trip people up. It’s a somewhat vague question, and it’s hard to understand what the interviewer is asking. Don’t find yourself unprepared in an interview. Use this question as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Practice your answer to the question. Ask yourself the following questions: What is different about my life that qualifies me for this position? Why am I interested in this role? Are my passions & interests aligned with this position? How do my hobbies & community engagement relate to this role? Is there anything about my previous career experience or education that would help me excel in this position? Are the company’s values and vision aligned with my own? Keep in mind that this question can set the mood for the rest of the interview since it’s usually one of the first [...]

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Underqualified? It’s Okay, Apply Anyway

Several people fall into the trap of overthinking job descriptions. It can feel overwhelming for job seekers to read an extensive list of job duties. Try to remember that most hiring managers do not create the job description at most major corporations. They are typically written by human resources, which have never worked a day in the actual position. Job descriptions commonly use corporate lingo and can sound intimidating. But, don't be scared away from a job application entirely based on its description.  Work history, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn will go a long way with any hiring manager. We can help you communicate this through your resume, cover letter, and interview coaching that you can manage the primary responsibilities for the job and learn the rest. Even if you think the company looks like an excellent fit, but the job itself seems like it's a little too complicated, you can still use the interview to [...]

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Finding A Meaningful Career As An Introvert

While introverts and extroverts equally can be successful in any role, people with introverted personality types might be attracted to some jobs over others. Many introverts might also find that they excel in positions with specific qualities. As an example, it can be energizing for people with introverted tendencies to have a job that provides a decent amount of independent work time. To assist you in your career search, check out the following tips and some good potential careers for introverts.  What should introverts be looking for when searching for a career? An introvert isn't always shy, speaks softly, and strives to avoid social interactions. Introverts can possess excellent interpersonal skills and be highly sociable. However, unlike extroverts, who feel energized by working in group settings and leading meetings, introverts often need time to themselves to regain energy after these types of occurrences. While introverts are capable of completing the same tasks as extroverts, they're [...]

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Is it Okay to Say No at Work?

Many people are hesitant to say no at work and feel that management wants a yes person. But, often saying no will earn you respect and even benefit your organization. However, saying yes can indeed cement your reputation and provides more responsibilities. Being able to say no, in the right way, can help protect you from burnout and feeling overloaded.  Here are three situations when it is okay to say no: The task falls outside your actual responsibilities. You should be mindful of your job expectations and be willing to turn down a task that does not fit your goals. It may distract you from performing your job.    You are not qualified or the best person to complete the task. Typically this comes up when a coworker asks for your help. In some instances, there may be another person in the office who would be better suited for the task.   You find yourself [...]

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Balancing Work and School During COVID-19

Covid-19 has been rising across the nation, leaving most schools to decide to reopen virtually this fall while workers continue to work remotely. It may be difficult for working parents to strike a balance juggling the demands of parenting while meeting requirements at work. Managing projects and sticking to deadlines is hard enough, let alone try doing it while also tending to children who are schooling from home. Setting boundaries is essential to be successful when schools reopen virtually. Create a schedule to plan your days ahead of time. Write out when to start your workday, and when you can take breaks to help your child(ren) with their schooling. It will require some planning, self-discipline, and practical time management skills. The key to making back-to-school and working remote successful is to develop a support system and to set reasonable expectations with your boss, your child(ren), and educators at school. If you can, try to get [...]

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