3 Reasons You Need a Cover Letter

3 Reasons You Need a Cover Letter Many people skip this step, but it's so important and here's why: Shows Effort - Anyone can upload a file with their work history, this takes very little effort to submit a ready resume. However, the cover letter should be tailored to the job which you're applying and shows that you are very interested and willing to put in the effort. Even if the recruiter glazes over the cover letter, which yes some do, it will show you're committed to earning the position and going above and beyond even when not asked. Required for some Postings - This one is obvious, but if the job posting says it's required, then you had better submit one if you want a chance. The cover letter shows effort as we discussed above, and it shows you follow directions. You'd be surprised how many people don't submit all of the required or requested documents [...]

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Find Your Career With These Five Steps

With the job market on fire right now, it may be the best time to find your dream career.  Employers are starting to hire again after a steep decline during the pandemic. And they are hiring a lot. More opportunity is available in the current market, and it's a great time to start looking.  It's a job seekers' playground, and some employers are working overtime to provide incentives and bonuses to attract new employees. Now is the best time to look for your dream career, and we have put together a practical guide for anyone looking for a new job.  Quitting when you're unhappy shouldn't be your first move First, if you are feeling burned out, try finding small ways to improve your overall satisfaction at work. Making minor tweaks can make you fulfilled during the workweek.  If you are feeling unhappy, you are not alone. Over 51% of the global workforce is not engaged [...]

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Self-Evaluating Your Own Performance

It's hard to believe we are close to the end of 2020! Now is the perfect time to self-evaluate your own performance and create a new individual growth plan for the upcoming new year! Self-evaluations can be overwhelming. It's a delicate balance not to brag, keep it honest, and represent your true self. Below are some tips to help you master the end of year self-evaluation process! Toot Your Horn A self-evaluation is your chance to show your company that you take your career growth seriously. Use this time to reflect on all that you accomplished this year! Think about things you could have executed better and what skills you could expand on to do better next year. Take ownership of your performance. You probably perform job duties that go above, and beyond and your boss doesn't even know you do! Now is the one time a year when you should tell your supervisor everything [...]

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