Work takes up most of our daily lives, causing more challenges and stress. Some companies have takenHow to create a positive work environment, heartland resumes, Omaha notice and increased company morale by offering more perks. But not every business is equal, so how can we create a positive work environment?

Our attitude at work plays a significant role in the people around us. The suggestions below can help improve workplace behavior by influencing others to make positive changes by modeling the behavior we want to see.

Here are 5 Ways to Create A More Positive Work Environment

Give lots of encouragement

  • I truly appreciate the way you…
  • I’m so impressed with…
  • You’re great at…

Show appreciation

Thanking a colleague for something they did is a great way to boost people’s moods. Be specific about why you are thanking them, and be sure to copy their boss as well. 

Spread kindness

Smiling and saying “Hello” to twice as many people as usual will instantly brighten everyone’s day. 

Change the way you react.

When someone opposes you about something at work, think about their perspective first instead of instantly getting defensive.

Be Active

Get your blood pumping. If you primarily sit all day for your job, get up and outside or walk around the building. This will help keep your mind and body happy. 

Attitudes are contagious. Staying positive and spreading positivity within the workplace will increase office morale and encourage everyone to create a more positive work environment. 

If work is still giving you negative vibes after trying out these five tips, it’s time to move on. But make sure your next move is the right one. Contact the certified resume writers at Heartland Resumes to review your resume so you can find a job that better suits your positive attitude.

This article was originally published in September 2020 and has been recently updated.