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6 Questions to ask a recruiter before your interview

In today's busy world, it takes time for recruiters to reach out to potential applicants. You could have applied for a job weeks ago or just yesterday, either way, you need to be prepared when they call. While on the phone with a recruiter, don't forget to ask these 6 questions while you're on the phone.  Even if it only lasts 5 minutes, the call is essential and more important than the job interview. Why? First impressions are unforgettable; this is your chance to show who you are. It's also a perfect time to ask any questions about the job so you can be prepared for the interview. Here are the 6 questions to ask the job recruiter 1. Do you work for the hiring company? There are two types of recruiters. It's essential to know the difference between each one. An internal recruiter works directly with the company that looking for someone to hire. [...]

6 Questions to ask a recruiter before your interview2023-03-07T15:42:20-06:00

Hire an Interview Coach. It’s worth it

Why Hire an Interview Coach? Do you sweat and stress out when you think about your upcoming interview? Has this happened to you while sitting in front of your potential employer?  Good news; you are not alone. Job interviews are stressful, no matter how much experience you may have. Meeting new people, in general, is nerve-racking enough, not to mention the questions that go hand in hand with any interview, "Tell me about you," "Can you remember a time when," and everyone's favorite "What are your weaknesses"... plus, your dream job could slip through your fingers with one wrong response. No big deal, right? Without preparation, It's a pretty big deal. This is not the time to recruit friends or family to role-play with you; instead, hire an interview coach. Interview Coaches will help you reduce the sweat and stress from interviewing. You will work closely with your coach in mock interviews and receive real-time [...]

Hire an Interview Coach. It’s worth it2023-02-09T10:20:43-06:00

Why Your Job Search Is Not Working

Have you been spending hours, days, and months of job searching, and you keep coming up empty-handed? Have you been blaming the economy on the lack of job replies or feeling like everyone else is struggling too? Do you ask yourself why your job search is not working? We can help you improve your results with simple changes that will greatly impact your job search strategy.  If your job search is not working, here are the mistakes to avoid Job Applications Not all applications are created equal. Most online job boards send you down a rabbit hole, wasting your time and taking you away from your goal of finding a job.  Did you know that 80% of vacant positions are filled without advertising? Some companies are even required to post jobs, even if they fill them internally.  These jobs are filled by an employee or referral from the company's existing database of potential candidates or [...]

Why Your Job Search Is Not Working2024-02-06T08:48:39-06:00

Creating a Resume with no work experience

Resume with limited or no work experience First-time job seekers applying for jobs face a similar challenge: no work experience to prove they’re qualified. Most hiring managers or recruiters review work history as one of the best ways to predict future job performance. So what can you do when you don’t have work experience? Maybe you’re fresh out of school or trying to change careers – it might be a bit tricky, but with these tips, you can still create an impressive entry-level resume. Short and Sweet Resume Most resumes have two pages, but this could be silly when you don’t have the experience to fill the pages. Keep things short and easy to read on one page, so your best achievements and skills can stand out to hiring managers. Transferable skills List anything work-related that comes to mind. Emphasizing your transferable skills will help in two ways: Build your confidence in what you have [...]

Creating a Resume with no work experience2023-03-02T13:03:05-06:00

Tools for a Career Change

Practical Tools for a Career Change (Successfully!) Changing Career Paths From a young age, we set our sites on careers that are frequently not practical as adults, leaving us to contemplate a different career path. Reasons for this change can be vastly different from one person to the next, but the idea of changing your career can be intimidating.  Before choosing to switch careers, it could be helpful to evaluate your current position. What are the things you found intriguing when you first took the job, and what are your main concerns today? This process could help determine if you need to explore more options in your current career or change paths entirely. Here are a few simple tools for changing careers Understanding your current job satisfaction. It’s important to know about your current job you like and dislike. While evaluating why you dislike your job, consider whether it involves the work itself, company culture, [...]

Tools for a Career Change2023-01-05T17:29:24-06:00

Job Search Strategies- The 3 Most Effective

People are changing jobs 10-15 times during their professional careers. How can you stay ahead of the crowd with so many people transitioning from job to job?  Every person's job search strategies are different, but you could streamline your process with these three strategies to get hired faster.  Online Job Searching Most people search for jobs online using general search terms. Specific search terms provide better results. For example, if you are looking for a human resources job, use terms like "human resources coordinator St. Paul" to specify the location you are looking for. Using specific keywords like the above in Google will take you directly to posts from organizations using similar keywords, thanks to Google's job search platform.  You may also run into other platforms such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter. These sites are designed to pull together relevant job ads based on your search terms.  Some of the platforms allow you to apply [...]

Job Search Strategies- The 3 Most Effective2023-01-03T15:09:03-06:00

Submit a cover letter with a resume

Should I submit a cover letter with my resume? There is a proper way to create a cover letter with a resume. If done properly, the answer is yes! The professional resume writers at Heartland Resumes, which serves Omaha, Lincoln, Des Moines, and Sioux Falls, can properly write a cover letter to send out with each of your resumes. A cover letter is vital in getting that interview and, eventually, that job you want. Let Heartland Resumes show you how valuable a cover letter can be. While a cover letter is only a few short paragraphs, it goes a long way to showing potential hiring managers who you are and what you can bring to the table. The choice of words and the layout will either make or break you when hiring managers are sorting through potential candidates. That is why you need the professional resume writers at Heartland Resumes to help guide you through this [...]

Submit a cover letter with a resume2023-03-07T10:12:09-06:00

Start the year with a new resume from Heartland Resumes

Start the New Year with a New Resume Did your New Year's Resolution list include finding a new job or starting a new career? If so, then Heartland Resumes is the place to start Heartland Resumes. Our team of professional resume writers can help job seekers in the Omaha, Lincoln, and Des Moines metropolitan area, along with others in Nebraska and Iowa. For many of us, the coming of a new year brings hope for refining our goals with a new slate of opportunities. We look back over the past year and evaluate what went wrong and what was done well, and we are ready to hone in on specific areas that need further development. If you are without a job or looking to make a career change, it might be time to reevaluate your image. Is there room to improve your marketing game? Are you representing yourself professionally on social media? Does your interview wardrobe [...]

Start the year with a new resume from Heartland Resumes2023-03-07T10:13:36-06:00

Changing jobs? Get Resume help from Heartland Resumes

Changing jobs? Get resume help. Do you wake up each morning dreading the fact that you have to go to work? This is no way to live your life or take care of your family. It is probably time to think about a job or career change. The first place to start is with a new resume guaranteed to get you job interviews. If you live in Omaha, Lincoln, or Des Moines, Heartland Resumes is your local team of professional resume writers that can help. We also help job searchers outside of these areas in Nebraska and Iowa. Many of us have started our careers in jobs that fell short of our expectations. The real problem is not doing anything about it. If this describes you, now is the time to call Heartland Resumes and put our team of Midwest professional resume writers to work for you, so you can make that job change that will [...]

Changing jobs? Get Resume help from Heartland Resumes2023-03-07T10:14:56-06:00

How to Set Career Goals — and Why You Should

What are your career goals? Do you know how to set career goals? There is one indisputable truth in life. If you want to accomplish something, setting goals is the best way to guarantee success.  We have numerous opportunities to set goals throughout our lives, plan a wedding, buy a house, pick furniture, and go on vacation. One of the best opportunities to set specific goals is when you're job searching. By writing it down or typing it out, you can plan each action that needs to happen to achieve your goal.  Getting a new job is simple, but the process can be difficult and overwhelming. You can make it simpler by having a plan in place.  Start by answering this, "What are my career goals?"  What is a goal? A goal is something you want the future to hold. It can be a need or a want. It can be something you want right [...]

How to Set Career Goals — and Why You Should2022-12-06T14:03:14-06:00
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