With the job market on fire right now, it may be the best time to find your dream career. 

Employers are starting to hire again after a steep decline during the pandemic. And they are hiring a lot. More opportunity is available in the current market, and it’s a great time to start looking. 

It’s a job seekers’ playground, and some employers work overtime to provide incentives and bonuses to attract new employees.

Now is the best time to look for your dream career, and we have put together a practical guide for anyone looking for a new job. 

Quitting when you’re unhappy shouldn’t be your first move

First, if you are feeling burned out, try finding small ways to improve your overall satisfaction at work. Making minor tweaks can make you fulfilled during the workweek. 

If you are feeling unhappy, you are not alone. Over 51% of the global workforce is not engaged at work. With that kind of a number, it’s no surprise that the US saw 3.6 million employees leave their jobs in May. 

Playing to your strengths and sharing feedback with your boss could help with your unhappiness and co-workers. 

When it’s time for a change

Did you know that in May, over 9.2 million job roles were available? Perhaps you tried to improve your current job, but things didn’t get any better. Or maybe you have outgrown your role and are ready to move on. 

Nonetheless, it’s time to start job searching. 

One place we found to start is sending out networking messages. Networking is a crucial asset to any professional throughout your career. Use these relationships as you are looking for new employment. 

You can also update your resume. You want to draw as much attention to yourself from recruiters and hiring managers. Your resume needs to stand out, so hiring a professional resume writer might be worth it to edge you above the competition. 

When giving your notice, always keep in mind that be sure not to burn any bridges with your employer. You never know if you might return someday. 

How to find your best opportunities

Jobs in human resources and diversity and inclusion are skyrocketing right now. 

HR professionals are being recruited relentlessly for high-paying roles. At the same time, careers in diversity and inclusion grew 123% between May and September of last year. 

These are not the only industries seeing significant increases. It’s always important to explore all your options to find a position that is best suited for you. 

How to ask and answer the right questions

You did all the leg work sending out your resume and setting up interviews with the hiring manager and recruiters, but knowing the right answers during an interview can feel overwhelming. 

The most common question is, “Tell me about yourself.” We found that this question frequently trips up job applicants. Practicing this question and keeping it limited to career history and stories of your achievements is important. 

Knowing the right questions to ask hiring managers or recruiters is crucial. Doing this will help you understand the company’s culture more clearly. 

In-person, remote, or somewhere in between 

During the pandemic, we all had to adjust to the “new normal.” Some employers have restructured how they allow employees to do their jobs. 

After you have accepted a job, you have the opportunity to create your ideal work life. 

Maybe you want to be solely work in the office or perhaps something in between. Many employers are still figuring out their plans, which puts you in a great position to negotiate as much flexibility as you wish. 

Finding your dream career will take a little time, but now is the time to start looking at the job market while it’s full of opportunities.