3 Reasons to Hire a Resume Writing Expert

Have you ever tried to do something on your own and then had to hire a professional? By enlisting an expert from the beginning, you save yourself time and energy and be much happier with the results. Choose a Resume Writing Expert at Heartland Resumes. You can be confident in their skills, and they guarantee their results. Job searching is stressful and time-consuming. A resume writing expert helps.  Spending hours every day searching for a job is not ideal. That is only the beginning of the process. Have you ever thought about the time it takes to prepare for job hunting? Getting the outfit just right to research, attend networking events, and practice interview questions takes away valuable time that could be used for anything else. By hiring a resume professional to do all the heavy lifting, you will spend time doing what you want and getting a complete and effective professional resume.  A professional [...]

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What to Include in Your Resume

Writing your resume can be tricky, particularly if you've had a long career or achieved a lot in each of your positions. Many people find it hard to know what to include in their resumes. Including all your history could result in a long and drawn-out resume. It takes only seconds for hiring managers to view a resume, and if yours is too robust, it will probably be added to the no pile. Your resume should be no more than two pages. So how do you pair down all your experience? Here are a few things we've used when writing resumes for our clients. First, we research job postings focusing on positions similar to what that client is targeting and looking for the commonalities. Various companies look for other things, but there are always common themes across all job postings. Once identified, our resume writers get to work on creating a resume to show off [...]

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