Why You Need an Interview Coach

When you are thinking about your upcoming interview, do you start to sweat and get butterflies in your stomach? Have you ever frozen up during a job interview? Interviewing is something that requires practice, just like anything else. Many people looking for careers don’t have a lot of experience interviewing. You are not alone. It’s time to consider an interview coach.

Without preparation, you are setting yourself up to fail. You should hire an experienced interview coach to help you prepare for your upcoming interviews. Our interview coaches will facilitate a series of mock interviews and will provide real-time feedback. If you have an area that you need to work on such as body language, explaining scenarios, or confidence, we are here to help!

Reasons you need an interview coach:

1. Phone screening

This is stage zero of the job interview process. If you can’t make it past the phone screen, you are not getting a real chance. Whether the call was scheduled or not, your coach can help you with building confidence and interview skills to keep moving forward to the next step. 

2. Your elevator pitch

If you are entering the workforce or a seasoned professional, crafting your elevator pitch is an intimidating task. How are you supposed to summarize all of your experiences, hopes, and dreams in 30 seconds? Your interview coach will help you to perfect your elevator pitch. You will not only be able to use this for interviews but for years to come at networking events, in your LinkedIn profile, and during phone screenings. 

3. “Tell me about a time.” 

Behavioral interviewing is one of the most common interview styles; many people show up unprepared with scenarios. It’s crucial that during the behavioral interview, you can think on your feet. You need to be ready to recall multiple specific experiences and be able to connect those experiences back to a question, all while sharing some of your most positive skills and attributes. 

4. Salary Negotiations

After you receive the job offer, you are so excited that you forget to or you’re too nervous to talk about salary. Your interview coach will help you practice your negotiating techniques. Negotiating salary is a delicate task because you do not want to insult the hiring manager, but you also want to be compensated according to your value.

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