Why Choose a CPRW?

For many, the term CPRW is foreign. A Certified Professional Resume Writer is something or someone that has never crossed their radar. The Professional Association of Resume Writers created the CPRW certification process in 1991. This process was developed in efforts to bring a higher degree of credibility to the resume writing industry. To this day, the CPRW certification still stands as the most widely recognized certificate in resume writing. These credentials automatically guarantee that your resume is being crafted by a professional.

The process of certification includes a 4 module test in which a panel of esteemed judges reviews a mock resume and a cover letter. A CPRW applicant passes this test only by acquiring the necessary scores on all modules, resulting in a pass rate of under 40%.

Just as you would not entrust your taxes to someone who is not a professional accountant, or your health to someone who is not a medical professional, do not trust the future of your career to someone who is not a CPRW.

There are very few CPRWs serving the Omaha, Lincoln, Des Moines, and Sioux Falls areas, and we have been one for 5 years. Do not trust anyone else with your professional future.