How To Turn Down A Job Offer

You have spent countless hours searching for a job, messaging recruiters, preparing for interviews, and finally, it happened! You were offered a job! But it's not your dream job, and you are unsure if you want to take it. What can you do? Below are some helpful tips for turning down a job offer.  Is calling, emailing, or sending a letter the best way to reject a job offer? The easiest way to refuse a job is by email. It's convenient and straightforward, but it's not the most professional. A phone call is the best way to handle turning down a job. However, a letter is the way to go if you cannot reach the hiring manager or recruiter. Timing is key After reviewing the job offer, you realize that the position is not for you, or maybe you received a better offer from another company. It's always better to reach out immediately once you [...]