Hire an Interview Coach. It’s worth it

Why Hire an Interview Coach? Do you sweat and stress out when you think about your upcoming interview? Has this happened to you while sitting in front of your potential employer?  Good news; you are not alone. Job interviews are stressful, no matter how much experience you may have. Meeting new people, in general, is nerve-racking enough, not to mention the questions that go hand in hand with any interview, "Tell me about you," "Can you remember a time when," and everyone's favorite "What are your weaknesses"... plus, your dream job could slip through your fingers with one wrong response. No big deal, right? Without preparation, It's a pretty big deal. This is not the time to recruit friends or family to role-play with you; instead, hire an interview coach. Interview Coaches will help you reduce the sweat and stress from interviewing. You will work closely with your coach in mock interviews and receive real-time [...]