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Resume Writing Services, Lincoln

A hidden jewel for businesses in Lincoln

Looking closely at Lincoln, you will find it offers numerous business opportunities. In 2013, Lincoln ranked No. 4 on Forbes’ list of the Best Places for Business and Careers and No. 3 on Zippia’s Best Places for Jobs in 2016. Look a bit closer, and you will also find The Best Resume Writing Services in Lincoln!

To compete in this exclusive job market, you have to be prepared.  Are you ready to take advantage of the multiple job opportunities in the Lincoln area? Let Heartland Resumes’ team of certified professional resume writers provide you with the security you need with a well-written strategic resume.

What goes into writing a professional resume?

Our professional resume writing services in Lincoln always start from scratch. However, we encourage you to forward us past resumes to better understand your attributes and skillsets. The next step is for you to fill out our Resume Supplement Questionnaire. This helps us create a snapshot of your background, skills, and achievements and a powerful and colorful description of what makes you unique among your peers.

Our writers will then go to work to create your unique, professionally-written resume. This includes optimizing your resume with keywords to resonate with the online parsing systems many employers use to scan your resume before a human sees it. Our writers are experts and know how to create a resume with an excellent chance of being selected and not rejected.

What is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)?

Hire Heartland Resumes for resumes writing services in Lincoln. The sun sets over the State Capital Building in Lincoln.

In the early 1990s, the CPRW designation was created to bring standardization and quality control to the professional resume-writing industry. With resume websites on the rise, it was nearly impossible to maintain quality resumes. Many companies had template-based websites that did not allow you to communicate with the writers. You gave them some information, and they spit out a basic resume.

The CPRW is a four-part test. It requires a mock resume and cover letter creation exercise, which a qualified panel judges. Less than half of the applicants are awarded the distinction. Having only CPRW writers on our team gives you the peace of mind that you will receive the best resume for you. You would want a qualified doctor taking care of you when you are sick or a CPA taking care of your tax returns, so when it comes to your resume, you want a CPRW working for you. To ensure your writer is certified, click here to list CPRWs by state.

Do I own my resume after Heartland Resumes is finished writing it?

Yes, of course! Our process includes presenting you with a draft to review and edit. You can collaborate with the writer and give your feedback. When you are satisfied, we will give you a Word document and a .pdf file of the resume. The Word document allows you to make necessary changes moving forward. Our resume writing services are available to help you with future revisions. Sadly, not all resume writing services work in this way. Many companies will help you but charge for any modifications you need.

Yes! We guarantee your resume will get results. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will work with you and revise your resume for free within the first 12 weeks. See full details here!