Every detail matters in a competitive job market. From your cover letter to your post-interview thank-you note. Taking advantage of all opportunities to stand out will help the sea of applicants. When competition is high, finding a new employer is more challenging, but that doesn’t mean landing your next job is impossible. Use these tips to guide you during your job search in a competitive job market. 

Five ways to stand out in a competitive job market

Keep these tips in mind as you begin your job search during this time. 


When searching for a job, being patient is challenging, especially if you’re unemployed. But patience is crucial right now. 

Chances are, it will take longer than usual to get hired, so set your expectations accordingly and do what you can to not stress yourself out while searching for a job.

Polish your presentation

Now, perhaps more than ever, positively presenting yourself to potential employers is essential. It’s more than just dressing appropriately for a video interview. You need to make sure your resume shows off all your value. 

One of the top resume mistakes is grammatical errors and spelling. This can be an immediate deal-breaker, regardless if you are qualified for the position. Always give your resume a solid edit and ask someone else to review it. The second pair of eyes is always a good idea. You can elevate your resume by having a professional resume writer create it for you. 

Dazzle, in an interview

More and more companies are conducting video job interviews. In some cases, it can make it more challenging to show your potential, enthusiasm, and personality. You can make the most of your video interview by finding a bright and quiet place to have the interview. Take some time to dress for the job you are applying for and be authentic. This will show your potential employer that you are excited and eager to work for their company. 

After your interview is over, be sure to send a follow-up thank you. Sending a simple email can be the deciding factor in securing the job. 

Clean up your online accounts 

Employers will be using every tool available to them to find more information on you. It’s critical to keep your online presence up to date. An easy way to start is by doing a quick google search of your name. Typically LinkedIn will be the first result, so that’s an excellent place to start. 

Your LinkedIn profile needs to stand out. You can do this by updating your professional photo, adding an engaging headling, and a robust profile summary. If you need assistance with this, we can help with our LinkedIn Profile Services.

After you have your LinkedIn account updated, check out your social media accounts. You want to clean up anything on all your profiles that could potentially lose you the job. 

Stay flexible

Many professionals spend years outlining their careers, but it’s imperative to be flexible during times like these. You do not need to change your career path, but it might take time to evaluate your skills and think about another plan, even if just temporarily.

You may not find your dream job immediately, but it’s essential to exercise patience, stay flexible, and do whatever you can to stand out among the competition during these times. 

Putting your best foot forward with a robust and polished resume is more important now than ever. Make sure your resume is ready. Fill out the request form!