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Heartland Resumes proudly serves the Omaha (NE), Lincoln (NE) & Des Moines (IA) areas. Most of our work is performed via telecommunications, so if you’re not in these cities, please still inquire! We’re still able to help!

Your Most Important Document – Your Resume.

A professional well-written resume effects all aspects of your life. It will attract employers, lead to interviews and eventually that perfect job and career. The career can lead to financial security, helping you to take care and raise your family. Financial stability allows you to be more charitable and properly plan for retirement. It all starts with your resume.

Heartland Resumes, a team of Certified Professional Resume Writers, proudly serves the Omaha (NE), Lincoln (NE), Des Moines (IA)  and surrounding areas. Our team knows how to strategically craft an effective resume for the current business environment. Resume writing requires a strategic method of thinking and writing to attract the best employers. We are not just displaying your work experience along with the use of a few keywords. When employers hiring managers scan for resumes – they often only spend as little as 7 seconds reviewing your credentials – it is necessary for the information to be devised in the right manner and be easily noticeable.

If you provide too much, too little, or the wrong information in your resume, it will likely be rejected. You must represent yourself with a high-quality professional resume written by expert resume writers to attract more interviews. This is where Heartland can help.

Why Choose Heartland Resumes?

Since you found our website, chances are that you have researched and found that there are many resume writers and resume writing services both locally and across the internet. Some charge less than $100 while others charge more than $2,000. Heartland Resumes takes pride in combining personal attention with practical experience to deliver a compelling and comprehensive package to set you apart from the competition at an affordable price.

Heartland Resumes offers the finest quality, fast service, and most affordable means to have a custom crafted resume prepared at the local level or through our website. It doesn’t matter if your new to the professional workforce or a veteran of it for many years —Heartland Resumes has worked with your experience level hundreds of times. We have the know-how and the ability to make sure you get noticed.

Our highly-skilled writers are certified (CPRW) by the Professional Association of Resume Writers, providing peace of mind that your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile are being completed by trained, accomplished, professionals located right here in the Midwest. Our professional resume writers have extensive work experience in corporate human resources, recruiting and staffing, business, technical, and creative writing. We are skilled experts at effectively writing and packaging a resume to achieve maximum results with hiring managers and HR. We know how they review resumes, evaluate candidates, and make interview and hiring decisions.

To get started today, fill out the Request Info form on the right side of this page, and we will get in touch with you to start the process that will lead to that new job or career.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

How is our work guaranteed? If you are not getting the interviews you are seeking within 12 weeks, we will talk with you about how to fix and revise your resume free of charge. You made an investment in us, we want to make sure it pays off for you!

Our Writing Procedure

When we write your resume, we always write it from scratch. We don’t rewrite existing resumes. We do welcome, and even encourage, any previous resumes you’ve used to help us better understand you and your accomplishments. We will get to know and understand your job search goals prior to the construction of your resume. We always want it to be absolutely clear the document you receive will be fresh and of the highest caliber.

Over the years, we’ve created a Resume Supplement Questionnaire document that does a wonderful job of expertly drawing from you previous achievements, professional and personal goals, and the values that make you unique.  It takes no longer than 20 minutes for you to fill out. Once you have it filled out and returned, it’s off to the races, as our team of experts will take the most pertinent of information, and create a document that will make you truly shine!

After the questionnaire is returned to us, it takes us 7-10 business days to complete the process for our clients. We will then provide you with the first draft and you’re welcome to come back with us with questions and comments to ensure the final draft is perfect and ready to distribute. When the process has come to an end, the resume will be yours entirely, and we will send the document to you via email in both a Word and PDF version.

More than Just Resumes

While we do consider your resume to be your most important document, it is not the only document that you will need as you look for and land that perfect job. Heartland Resumes also specializes in LinkedIn Profiles, cover letters and reference dossiers.

You can bet that prospective employers will research your LinkedIn profile, so it is imperative that, like your resume, it is professionally written and shows you in the best light. An effective cover letter is one of the biggest challenges that face our clients. The cover letter needs to directly separate you from the stack of candidates, and it is important to highlight your value as a potential employee without dragging on or just copying key parts of your resume. Heartland Resumes understands this challenge, and we’re the best at meeting it. Also, the reference dossier is more than just a list of people and their phone numbers. We go through your list of best references, and develop an understanding of who they are, and how your connection to them can best tell your story for the hiring manager and the position they need to fill. When you hire Heartland Resumes, your reference dossier goes from being a required additional document, to a new weapon to help you land that great new job.

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