Applicants usually report one of two different reactions after walking out of their first job interview. They either feel they did exceptionally well or, unfortunately, that they completely failed. Does your mind race after an interview? It’s normal to think about how your interview went, but how do you know if it went well?

How can you tell how well you did in the first interview?

There is no scientific method that can 100% predict the outcome of an interview. However, there are common trends with successful job interviews and that lead to an offer. Keep reading to see if you have seen any of these signs telling you your interview went well. 

Long interview 

Hiring managers and recruiters do not waste time. If they feel that you are not suitable for the position, they will probably stop the interview short. If your interview runs longer than expected, it can be taken as a good sign that things went well. 

They enjoyed the conversation

Notice the little things like body language and demeanor of the hiring manager. Did they seem relaxed and interested in the conversation? Was the focus on you? If so, this is a good sign the interview went well. 

Be cautious not to read too much into the opposite experience. Meaning, if they seem distracted, it could be that they have already made a decision and they are just completing the interview process. 

The hard questions 

Often, it can feel like the hiring manager is trying to trick you when they ask hard questions like describe yourself in four words. Typically the intent is to see how you deal with unexpected situations. Your response can provide insight to the interviewer on your ability to handle pressure. If hard questions make you feel uncomfortable, just remember that it really doesn’t matter if you get the answer right. They are just looking for your logic and insight on problem-solving techniques. 

Tour the office

If a hiring manager or interviewer takes time to walk you around and introduce you to a few employees, your chances of being offered the position are extremely high. 

Next steps conversation 

A promising sign that your job interview went well is to have the next interview set up before leaving the first one! Another good thing is if the hiring manager was specific about responsibilities and expectations.

Did you nail the interview?

Only time will tell, but these tips can provide you more insight and potential peace of mind. It’s all a guessing game until you have the offer in writing. Stay on top of your game and do your best in every interview. 

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