Workplace stress has become something we all deal with daily. Some people handle better than others, but others don’t. This chronic stress can fill our lives, despite our best efforts to keep it confined to our workspace. So how do we reduce stress at work?

Change your mindset

We all spend way too much time doing things that trigger stress than we do on something that relaxes us. Too much stress can expedite the aging process, weaken our immune systems, and leave us feeling tired and depressed. The key is to recognize the signs and respond with healthier habits. An excellent way to start this is by asking yourself, what can I control? 

Learn to say “No”

This is not an easy thing to do. It’s human to want to help and to take on more than we should, but learning to say no once in a while can relieve the stress you feel by taking on too much. Ask your manager and or team for support when you need it. It’s ok to allow others to carry the workload. After all, that is what a team does. 

Take care of yourself, first

Many of us act like we are invincible, always trying to be perfect at everything we do, especially at work. The easiest way to avoid that is by taking time for yourself throughout the day. Make it a habit to take consistent breaks during your workday. Studies show that breaks help increase productivity. So go to the gym on your lunch or meditate. Make sure you are getting enough rest while you are away from the office. Taking care of you will help rejuvenate and prepare you for any potential stressors that come your way.

We can’t expect work to be 100% stress-free. However, we can work to counterbalance day-to-day stress by taking care of ourselves and fulfilling our time with meaningful things.

Creating space for healthy habits, quality relationships, purpose-driven activities, and even meditation can make a world of difference.

We all deserve to live healthy, happy lives, and it’s never too late to start making manageable changes.