While introverts and extroverts can be successful in any role, people with introverted personality types might be attracted to some jobs over others. Many introverts might also find that they excel in positions with specific qualities. For example, it can be energizing for people with introverted tendencies to have a job that provides a decent amount of independent work time. What are the good careers for introverts?

To assist you in your career search, check out the following tips and some good potential introvert careers. What are good careers for introverts? Heartland Resumes, Omaha, NE

What should introverts be looking for when searching for a career?

An introvert isn’t always shy, speaks softly, and strives to avoid social interactions. Introverts can possess excellent interpersonal skills and be highly sociable. However, introverts often need time to regain energy after these occurrences, unlike extroverts, who feel energized by working in group settings and leading meetings.

While introverts can complete the same tasks as extroverts, they’re generally more fulfilled working in careers that use their strengths.

That’s why the best careers for introverts are those that:

  • Prioritize independent work over large group collaboration gatherings
  • Provide quiet spaces for working alone rather than noisy, open workspaces
  • Are best performed by people with exceptional active listening skills
  • Allow you to concentrate your attention on one task or project at a time.
  • Require more one-on-one interaction than public speaking

Good careers for introverts

Here are a few of the best career options for introverts.

  • Graphic Designer– Primary Responsibilities: Use software to create custom visuals that express ideas, add aesthetic appeal and enhance the flow of information through digital platforms such as websites and applications or through traditional print options like publications, sales materials, billboards and more.
  • Software Engineer – Primary Responsibilities: Use computer programming languages to build, test, and continually improve software programs’ efficiency and effectiveness. Software engineers may specialize in operating systems, networks, applications, or databases.
  • Paralegal – Primary Responsibilities: Act as a legal administrative assistant by completing case research, handling client meetings, composing and filing legal documents, and supporting attorneys in preparing presentations. Paralegals often also attend and assist during hearings, depositions, and trials.

These careers are part of a long list of jobs for introverts, and there are many other career options for individuals with this specific set of strengths. As you choose a position that leverages your best attributes and abilities, ask about the company’s culture and work style when you apply and interview to guarantee they meet your needs.

Consider details like whether the office has an open concept floor plan or offers quiet spaces for independent work and how focused the company is on teamwork, collaboration, and group projects. If you are an introvert, test out some of these tips while looking for your new career. And if your resume has not been updated since your last position, contact the resume-writing professionals at Heartland Resumes!

This article was originally published in August 2020 and has been recently updated.