Success is in the eye of the beholder. It is a personal definition, but there are habits that all successful people follow. Success is not a destination; it is a journey. These habits that can help along the journey to success:

Be deliberate

Start every day with an intention and a purpose. Set meaningful goals to help you get to your desired outcome. If you find that something isn’t aligning with your purpose, move away from it, and be deliberate in your daily actions to move closer to your goals.

Learn from mistakes

All successful people have experienced failure and made mistakes. A productive way to grow from this is by objectively looking back on your failures and gain wisdom from them. Think about what you would do differently next time, and how you can avoid future pitfalls.

Develop a strategic routine

There are 24 hours each day, we all get them, but some seem to accomplish so much in those 24 hours. They do this by having a routine and sticking to it. Each day begins with intent and planning your daily goals. If you are productive in the morning or evening, expect to get the essential things done during the times you are at your best. 

Take calculated risks

All successful people take risks to help them achieve their goals. Learn to expect uncertainty and be confident enough in your abilities to bet on yourself. Calculated risks will allow you to achieve real success.

Believe in yourself

You should be your best coach, your best motivator, and your best supporter. Let go of all insecurities, doubts, and believe in yourself. Tell yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to and stop standing in your way.