Why hiring an interview coach is worth it

When you are thinking about your upcoming interview, do you start to sweat and stress out? Has this ever happened to you while you were sitting down in front of your potential employer? 

Good news; you are not alone. Job interviews are stressful, no matter how much experience you may have. Meeting new people, in general, is nerve-racking enough, not to mention the questions that go hand in hand with any interview, “Tell me about you,” “Can you remember a time when,” and everyone’s favorite “What are your weaknesses”… plus, your dream job could slip through your fingers with one wrong response. No big deal, right?

Without preparation, It’s a pretty big deal. This is not the time to be recruiting your friends or family to role play with you; instead, hire an interview coach. 

Interview Coaches will help you reduce the sweat and stress that comes from interviewing. You will be working closely with your coach in mock interviews and will receive real-time feedback. If you have an area that you need to work on, like small talk, body language, or confidence, your interview coach can help. 

Reasons why it’s worth hiring a coach:


  • Phone screening


This is stage zero of the job interview process. If you can’t make it past the phone screen, you are not getting a real chance. 

Whether the call was scheduled or not, your coach can help you with building confidence and interview skills to keep moving forward. 


  • Your elevator pitch


If you are entering the workforce or a seasoned professional, crafting your elevator pitch is an intimidating task. How are you supposed to summarize all of your experiences, hopes, and dreams in 30 seconds? 

Now would be a great time to call your interview coach. They will work with you to perfect your elevator pitch. You will not only be able to use this for interviews but for years to come at networking events, in your LinkedIn profile, and during phone screenings. 


  • “Tell me about a time.” 


Behavioral interviewing is one of the most common interview styles. It’s crucial that during the behavioral interview, you can think on your feet. You will need to be able to recall multiple specific experiences and be able to connect those experiences back to a question, all while exhibiting your most positive skills and attributes. 

Your coach can help you gain more confidence and feel comfortable during a mock interview. If you tell them you want to focus on behavioral interviewing, they can tailor questions to help you practice your response.  


  • Second Best


You always make it to the final round of interviews but never get the offer. Curious as to why this happens and where is the disconnect? You could ask the hiring manager for feedback, but that can be uncomfortable. 

Reach out to your interview coach. They are trained to assist you with interview techniques, so you stop receiving no and start hearing yes!


  • Salary Negotiations


After you receive the job offer, you are so excited that you forget to or you’re too nervous to talk about salary. Maybe you want to but unsure of how to start the conversation. Most companies nowadays expect you to negotiate a salary, so it’s worth your time to learn proper techniques. 

Practice your negotiation skills. Or, if you have no idea where to start, ask your interview coach. Your coach is there to help you with tips, tricks, and key phrases that will empower you to get you the salary you desire. 

Once you have received professional guidance from your interview coach, you will be prepared and ready to walk into the room confidently- no matter how tough the questions might be.